Beginners Guide To Increase Affiliate Traffic

How to increase Amazon  Affiliate sales?

Four things every Amazon Affiliate Marketer should know

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplace along with eBay and other similar online stores. The Amazon associate program started in 1996 to boost the product sales, like usual the early birds tested the new opportunity and found it good. A few things that caught the attention was the easy setup and the fair and decent reporting system Amazon had. Anyone could sign up and set up their account easily and start selling products. The growth of Amazon with $20,000 in just a week grabbed a lot of attention.

Since then the strategies and methods evolved. People realized the more the affiliate links get exposed the more the chances are to get the sale. Throughout the time there came other affiliate marketing networks and similar stores like Amazon and for some reason, Amazon was still leading the way. Many are inspired by the stories of people making thousands of dollars via Amazon affiliate and was curious to know how they actually did it? Instead of telling you how they did it, this article will give you an insight on how to increase your affiliate sales, probably you may end up with making more money than them.

This article will give you a brief picture to

Decide ‘How?’

Affiliate sales, like said before depends more on the exposure it gets. The more the reach the more the conversion. Before deciding on ‘what’ or ‘when’ make sure you are clear on the part ‘how’. Years back blogs, sites and Amazon stores alone could be brought most of the conversions. Now we have other opportunities to take a peep at. There is Social Medias like Facebook and Instagram that has much more potential. Make sure the question ‘how’ is settled before you step forward. Yes, all the individual/Business requires a site or a blog to set up the account in the initial stage.

Decide ’What’

Amazon affiliate sales won’t be easy as long as the product you try to sell is random. Yes, there are Amazon stores (often referred to as A-stores, similar to e-commerce but sells Amazon products using affiliate links). For maximizing your Amazon affiliate sales conversion that wouldn’t work as fine as choosing products under a specific niche to sell. Tech niched sites, blogs, and Social Media pages tend to have more conversions than A-Stores. Having a plan on the list of products you are planning to sell does matter a lot.

The below questions might probably help to choose the products to sell.

  • Do you have the basic knowledge of the product you chose to sell?
  • Have you ever tested or used the product before?
  • Do you think the product is not updated? (Selling a basic model phone is not a good idea when Smartphones holds a majority of the communication industry)

Selling a product that you are totally unaware of will not be a wise idea. The whole point here is not to get clicks on the links, the product should slip into the cart.

Understand the word ‘Marketing’

Amazon Affiliate Marketing, the whole keyword tells what you’ve got to do. Setting up an account and posting and sharing alone won’t shake the customer, chances are you will end up with a few viewing the product promoted. The word marketing defines “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.” Exactly do the same, convince people to buy the product. In the case of affiliate sales, convince the people to buy the product form your link.

There are several factors to consider doing this.

For more sales and conversions, reaching out people and convincing them is very important. Use Search Engine Optimization, Content Optimization and Social Media Optimization based on the platform where you sell your product. In the affiliate sale business reaching out to people and convincing people is very much important.

Why reach more people?

Amazon affiliates like many other affiliate programs as mentioned before will reward you only base on the sales you make. In order to have more sales, you need to have a good reach in the targeted audience. This again totally depends on the platform you sell the product. Taking an example of products being sold in Facebook, Imagine two Facebook page that is categorized under technology, obviously the one with more likes ends up with higher product reach. So when it comes to Facebook having a profile or a page with more likes and followers rewards you better and possible results. This works somewhat similar in the case of Instagram and other Social Media.

Questions and doubts are always encouraged, please feel free to torture the comment section below.

Well, as you all know affiliates sales is one of the best way to make money online and among the affiliate programs Amazon pays you really good if you know how to get sales. In this article, we will see how to make six-figure income using Amazon affiliate sales. Well, you might probably be wondering how I ended up being precise on making $600,000 that’s because that is the figure I make a year from Amazon sales. By now you probably might be wondering how I did that. While many people like Darren Rowse couldn’t figure it out this fast.

If you have heard of ProBlogger you might have read the post by Darren Rowse how he makes affiliate sales. Unlike his methods mine is totally different and not many know that you can actually gain 100% from affiliate conversions. Stop popping your eyes too much. Sit back and read on…

Traffic and more traffic

This really important, unlike any other ad networks, affiliate networks are not depending on views nor clicks you need conversions. So you need more traffic on the platform or method you use to convert the traffic. More the traffic higher the chances are of getting clicks and conversions. Higher the conversion higher the commission. Here when we talk about the traffic we are not talking about cheap traffic landing on your links. Getting unrelated traffic also won do you any good.


Getting commissions from all regions using one Amazon affiliate link

This is one issue many had in Amazon Affiliate, Affiliate commission were only given for sales from a specific region. For example sales from only gives commission from the sales you get from India. Any link you create using the account won’t bring you any sales commissions for the product sold in the USA. And this had a huge in the income of many Amazon Affiliate marketers including mine. How do you get over this? Very good question.

There used to be a WordPress plugin in Word Press that helped localize the links named “Amazon link localizer” unfortunately the plugin no longer works fine. That is when I came to know about ProURLS. A new online tool that lets you globalize the links. It automatically in redirects you to the local stores and will bring you sales commissions for the sales you make outside your affiliate region. Let’s take up my example here.

I had a traffic of nearly 80k views a day and had a CTR (Click through rate) of 23%. Unfortunately most of the of the clicks and conversion from the USA. I had an account set up in all the regions from then on. Hardest times ever.

  • I had to apply separately for all the regions and had to get approved for them separately, this was frustrating and time-consuming.
  • Getting approved in certain regions like Japan was not easy
  • In the end, managing and placing the links was a headache.
  • Managing the accounts literally forced me to start thinking of quitting Amazon affiliates.

And that’s when I came across ProURLS . It was like GodSend, I no longer had to worry about the links or Amazon affiliate any longer. One global link per product and that will automatically redirect the viewers to their local region.

This tool alone bought me the whole commission. For beginners, I suggest this tool.

That’s all in this post. If you have any doubt feel free to drop in comments :)


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