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Hacking is always fun for hackers. Every technology is having some loopholes. The hackers are very good at finding those loopholes to test their hacking skill. Most hackers are youngsters and so many youths want to learn hacking. Hacking is a skill which is similar to the Internet tool or a knife. Here is the tool, and what you are going to choose is important. Whether you are going to use these tools for your goodness without harming yourself and others or not. Here are few good sites to learn ethical hacking online.

Learn Ethical Hacking Online

Hacking is of two types. Namely Ethical hacking and Unethical hacking and is also called as White hat hacking and Blackhat hacking respectively. Undoubtedly students like to learn ethical hacking. As ethical hacking is far more different than black hat hacking job, therefore ethical hacking is not considered as illegal. In fact, ethical hacking is coming under educational purpose. So, there is nothing wrong to learn white hat hacking techniques. Okay, now it’s the time to start learning to hack without wasting a minute. Here, I have given a bunch of website links to trigger your mind. Have a look at the list of best websites to learn Ethical hacking.

Eccouncil-CEH Ethical Hacking Course

CEH which stands for Comprehensive Ethical Hacker. It provides you comprehensive ethical hacking and network security training courses to learn white hat hacking. You just choose the hacking course package and join to get trained to become a professional ethical hacker.

Hack a day

As the name tells, this website is promised to give you hacking tips and tricks, tutorials on a daily basis. So each and everyday, this site serves you fresh hacking guidelines which sounds kinda cool! If hacking is termed as a diamond, they just polishing and respecting it. I mean ethical hacking.


Hacking Tutorial

This website strongly gives you ethical hacking tutorial which is much liked by the engineering students as well. It provides you hacking news, ethical hacking tools and tips & tricks considering hacking. Some of the hacking blog posts in this website are “5 Steps Wi-Fi Hacking – Cracking WPA2 Password”, “HackingFacebook Using Man in the Middle Attack”, “Shutdown Windows 7 Remotely” and so on.

Evilzone Forum

Evilzone is a hacking forum which welcomes the hackers to take participate in their community. Here you could see tons and tons of questions and answers regarding ethical hacking. So, you will need to register to get your ID to raise your questions there. Professional hackers will post solution to your queries. The community people are very serious and so don’t be a kid in asking simple hacking tricks.

Break The Security

Break The Security is one of the leading IT Security News portal. It delivers latest news updates related to information security, hacking, malwares, vulnerability , spam and scams.

It extradite ethical hacking courses which you will surely find interesting and useful articles.

Hack This Site

Hack This Site is just another forum but it is completely free, safe and gives you legal training ground. In this community, ample of project development are active. So, users can discuss hacking, security related questions. Their authors are readily available in replying queries with much feasible. Not only this, they also provide vast variety of articles which supplies ethical hacking tutorials.


SecTools which means security tools and this site is dedicated to deliver important tricks regarding network security and so that you could learn to fight against the network security threats. They also provide security tools with detailed description about it.

Hack In The Box

Hack In The Box is a popular website in providing security news and happenings from the hacker underground. You can get enormous hacking articles about MicrosoftApple, Linux, Programming and much more. This site also having a forum community and hence users can discuss hacking tips.

Happy Hacker

Happy Hacker guides to get harmless hacking tutorial. This site gives you the fundamental knowledge about hacking. It’s really a cool site to learn “Kernel hacking”, “Fun with firefox”, “Satellite hacking”, “Ethical computer hacking”, etc and so on. Beginners were always welcomed here to learn the basic hacking techniques.

Hacking Loops

Hacking Loops is one of the ethical hacking websites where you will get numerous articles on white hat hacking. Each articles in this website is seems to be very interesting and I’m sure you too will. Some of the cool posts in this site are “How tostop virus or trojan attacks”, “Game ranger hack for range of empires”, “Facebook smart status update tool”, and so on.

Explore Hacking

Explore Hacking is a site which wants the users to know the importance of information security. I think this website is great for the beginners because this site is very keen on providing lower level to higher level hacking tutorials with fine screenshots. So, that’s the most useful key for the initial level hackers to learn complicated hacking methods quickly.

Learn Hacking

Learn Hacking is completely a Ethical hacking tutorials providing site which covers entire topic from the beginning. It covers topics such as “Hacking Windows OS” (whether it is Windows xp/Vista/7), “Virus hacking”,etc and vice verse. This site is also has a forum included in it.

Packet Storm Security

Packet Storm Security allows you to realize the security related vulnerabilities all over the Internet. It gives you the tutorials on how to find those vulnerabilities and attack them before they just started to attack. If you expert in software exploits, then surely you are going to get paid from them. You just need to submit such unique exploit to them and get the fair offer.


Metasploit website gives you news and hacking tips related to information security. Most of the articles furnishes on how to be secured at online. They also supply Metasploit software which is a popular Penetration testing software which helped many to improve their security at online. One thing is that, the software is free to download. Also Pro version is available with 14 days trial pack.

Backtrack Linux

Backtrack Linux site offers you to get Backtrack software which is also a popular and powerful Penetration testing software in which every hacker knows it well. It is a Linux based penetration software that aids security professionals which is capable of performing appraisal & judgement and is solely dedicated to hacking environment. Also this site provides how to guides tutorials and downloads.

Hell Bound Hackers

Hell Bound Hackers is a famous ethical hacking website which acts like a security guard tutor. This site covers almost all the security related problems with solutions like programming, encryption, cracking, etc. Simply this site called as security trainer. The theme of this site is awesome too .

From DEV

FromDev is not a ethical hacking tutorial website but it suggests you to get the latest hacking tutorials from various websites. So, this site is rich in collecting and proving links to so many posts (like what I did in this post) which teaches white hat hacking tutorials.

To Sum Up

As we all know that Black hat hacking is the worst part of online world where it creates security threats. Instead of wearing Black hat, try the pure White hat. Fighting against security threats is always fun, interesting with seriousness. That’s why developers are creating Security software programs, Anti virus apps. If you are interested in hacking, learn ethical hacking and set up a goal to protect the online environment. So, be a king in Ethical hacking.

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