Anonymous takes down almost 20% sites of Dark Web

last week almost the 20% of Dark Web was taken down by Anonymous – a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist.

Anonymous takes down 10000 sites of Dark Web
Anonymous takes down 10000 sites of Dark Web

Most of you will be familiar with the word Tor, a dark web browsing platform which has been designed for the privacy of the person who is browsing it. Dark web is not indexed by the main search engines like google which makes it a perfect platform for the criminals to perform illegal activities.

Every visitors using the infected pages were greeted with the message that,”Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked.” Freedom hosting is widely used for hosting the Tor pages.

The Hacker behind this hack has claimed himself to one of the members of the Anonymous, the attacker took Freedom hosting II offline because 50% of its sites have child pornography content.

Earlier in the year 2013, the original Freedom Hosting which hosted almost the 50% pages of the Dark Web was took down which result in the many child porn prosecutions. Anonymous hacker behind this attack has stolen data of 2.3 GB database and 74 GB in files, database contains 381,000 email accounts out of them thousands of the emails are .gov stated by the Troy hunt of “Have I Been Pwned” website.

According to the technical account manager and security researcher at RedOwl Mr. Tim Condello  -“Hackers somehow identified a configuration and identified the root user of the entire system and got control, after they got the control, the index file was overwritten and changed the landing page for all websites where all visitors were displayed the message of the hackers”.

Vulnerabilities in the dark web

This attack shows that it’s too dangerous to concentrate all resources in the single location.

According to the CEO of Terbium Labs Danny Rogers “Reason behind the breach in dark web which results in hack of  thousands of sites is that they all used the same hosting service provider, for being anonymous it’s important to be distributed nature and these kinds of incident reveals the weakness of the centralized nature of the dark web”

“The anonymity of the Dark Web relies on its distributed nature,” he told TechNewsWorld. “These sorts of centralizations create significant weaknesses.”



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