Bad News in the World of Gaming: PlayStation and XBOX Forums HACKED!

It’s an ‘uh-ho’ moment for both Xbox and PSP gamers. A data breach is reported that resulted in compromising the account details of 2.5 million users of video games forums Xbox and PSP.

psp, xbox forums hacked

Both XBOX360 and PlayStation PSP ISO forums are the unofficial sites for gamers where the users share the links to download the pirated versions of the games. It’s quite popular among the gamers looking for free versions of the game. Although, it’s a breach of copyright to download ISOs for Xbox and PlayStation portable consoles without the license and could result in being flagged up by your internet service provider.

It is reported that the hacked took place in September 2015 but the details have only been exposed recently. Along with email addresses and IP addresses, passwords have been leaked. Which is quite grim news for those who reuse passwords for multiple sites- as it may make them vulnerable to more attacks. As per monitoring website, which is known for tracking security breaches and cyber-attacks, the details of the affected consumers have been shared publically online.

According to security experts, it is highly advisable to change your passwords immediately because once the accounts are taken, the usernames and passwords are tested against other sites as well to gain financial and security information.

Security experts have urged the consumers who use the affected gaming forums to stay vigilant and ensure to use unique passwords across their all accounts to keeps their information out of reach for cyber crooks. Users have been warned for any phishing scam that may appear in email as a result of this latest hacking attack.

Consumers can protect themselves by taking the following steps:

  • Verify any suspicious looking email by directly contacting the relevant company that sent those emails.
  • Make sure that online accounts are not using the same email and password combination. If you are then change it as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that the passwords used are strong and unique.
  • Regularly change your passwords and use multiple passwords for multiple sites. Even for seemingly low security websites because it’s not a financial target.

So far, it has remain unclear who have caused this huge attack on these gaming forums.

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