Elance hacked-online staffing platform’s 1.3 million accounts leaked by hacking

Elance used to be one of the most trustworthy website for online staffing, in 2013 it merged wth oDesk which was also a platform for freelancers. In the year 2014 oDesk relaunched as Upwork and from then Elance or Odesk became Upwork.com.

elance became upwork
elance relaunched itself as upwork

However, the data breach notification website Hacked-DB provided Hackread with exclusive information that in In the year 2009 there was a hack and Elance had massive data breach causing leakage of the 1.3 million users accounts, the details of the accounts surfaced on the internet when an unknown hacker revealed the data in some underground hacking forum.

The account details were revealed in five text files which have the data structure and the users information like user’s name, account password, first name and last name of the user, location, contact numbers of the users.

users extracted data from elance
users extracted data from elance

The total number of the accounts are approx 4.3 million but out of 4.3 million accounts most of them are duplicate or fake and when you obliterate these fake accounts there are 1.3 million valid accounts. In addition, total number of email accounts are 3,225,697 out of them only 1,293,015 email accounts are unique combining 253,576 Yahoo email accounts,192,119 Gmail,192,043 Hotmail, 271 .Gov accounts.

In the modern computation world, it has become quite easier to decrypt the leaked data and we have seen this in LinkedIn data leaked.

The details of the accounts revealed is the result of the eight years old hack, means the hacked data is 8 years old but there is still a high risk of using this information of the users for scams. Although the data is not in the public domain, all users who have registered their account in the year 2009 or before 2009 must reset their passwords before going the accounts details in the public domain. earlier in the year 2016 million of users from internet giants like Twitter, MySpace, Yahoo data stolen.


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