The Fappening 2.0! Private Photos of Emma Watson Leaked online

the fappening 2.0

Taking nude selfies is not a crime, so if you’re into that sort of thing, go for it!  If you’re not careful, though, it could land you in a heap of trouble.

Three years ago, in 2014, hackers leaked numerous photos of celebrities online after managing to hack thousands of accounts on Apple’s iCloud. At that time, the media dubbed the event as “The Fappening”. Celebrities affected included Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and Kim Kardashian.

The Fappening hackers have been caught and convicted, and are doing time.

Another flood of private photographs of celebrities is now being leaked on 4chan and Reddit. In what is known as “The Fappening 2.0”, supposed nude pictures of Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson have been posted since Tuesday night. The pictures include regular selfies, but also explicitly sexual images.

In a screenshot taken from the original thread on 4chan, hackers claim that they will be releasing another batch of private photos of female celebrities in the next few days, including

Jennifer Lawrence, Marisa Tomei, Kylie Jenner and a number of others. The celebrities in question have not yet reacted to the invasion of any privacy, but the photographs seem to be genuine.

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A spokesperson for Watson has however indicated that she plans to take legal action against the latest invasion of privacy. The representative has also confirmed that at least a number of the pictures that have been released online are legitimate. The photos stolen don’t show Emma Watson nude but are of her having a fitting with a clothes stylist some years ago. No further comments were made as lawyers have been given instructions.

The photos of Watson that have been leaked show her posing in front of a mirror, wearing various outfits and swimsuits. The other photos, supposedly showing actors Jillian Murray and Amanda Seyfried, are much more revealing. The other stars and Emma Watson naked appear to be engaged in the sexual goings-on in some of the pictures.

Videos and pictures of a woman shown masturbating and nude in the bathtub are purported to be of Watson taking selfies.  As the face of the woman in these images is never shown, this can however not be confirmed.
The source of the leaks is not yet known, nor is there any indication of how the private images of celebrities were acquired. The hackers do however claim that this is just the beginning and that they will soon release many more photos.

Kylie Jenner, Marisa Tomei and Jennifer Lawrence are amongst the names that have been mentioned as possible candidates for the next slew of private images of celebrities that the hackers say they will release next.

How to Prevent Your Private Photos from Going Public

The only way in which you can ever be 100% sure that naked pictures of you will never appear on the internet, is never to take any.

If you do however want to take nude pictures or private videos, you can minimise the risk of them being leaked:

  • Never open any suspicious attachments, or click on any links in emails you receive, especially if it is from senders you don’t know.
  • If you are not sure, confirm with the sender that they actually sent the email to you.
  • Never provide financial or personal information via email.
  • No legitimate company will ever ask for your password with an email.
  • Update your security questions and passwords regularly.
  • Enable two-factor authentication on any of your accounts where it is available.
  • Never use the same password for different accounts and always make sure your passwords are strong.
  • Use a good password manager if you can’t remember different passwords for each site, or struggle with coming up with strong ones.

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