8000 Computers Hacked by FBI In More Than 120 Countries With Single Disputed Warrant

FBI hacked 8000 computers by using Network investigative technique malware in 120 countries with the single warrant by hijacking child pornography websites.

8000 Computers hacked by the FBI with just single warrant
8000 Computers hacked by the FBI with just single warrant

Hacking operation never done or known before was done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation,the final report of the operation was disclosed in the start of the year & it’s believed that the FBI has injected malware(virus) to the system of more than 1000 alleged visitors who visits child pornography websites.The way the whole operation was done it seems that the investigation was done in much larger scope targeting not only the United States but outer space also.

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure ,Rule 41 & FBI

The rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure empowers creating a sweeping expansion of law enforcement’s ability to get engage in hacking and surveillance.For more details Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

How The FBI Hacked The Computers ?

the latest revelations about a widely publicized Playpen-the child pornography case lightened this biggest ever law enforcement hacking campaign.In the year 2015 the FBI seized child pornography website on a dark web (tor browser).This kept the foundation of this operation and FBI decided to not shut down the child pornography website instead of this FBI ran the website for 13 more days,and here FBI played smart game by injecting malware(virus) named Network Investigative Technique(NIT),when the visitors visited the website the virus broke into the computers,and thus FBI got the IP addresses of the visitors by unmasking TOR browser widely used to mask identities.

Who Issued Warrant To FBI ?

All this operation was done by just using single warrant and the warrant was issued by the Magistrate Judge Theresa C. Buchanan located in the Eastern District of Virginia, but the Magistrate Theresa did not have the authority to allow FBI to search beyond her area and this caused some courts to Because of this violation, some courts decided to throw out all evidence obtained by the malware. At least fourteen court decisions found that the warrant was not properly issued.

Various Concerns Over How the FBI Carried Out the Whole Operation ?

This whole operation is going to lay the foundation for the expansion of the various law enforcement hacking in both kinds of criminal investigation domestic as well as the foreign expansion of law enforcement hacking in domestic and foreign criminal investigations.This operation is also going to impact the user’s privacy.

It’s widely known that in some cases FBI poses as drug dealers to catch the buyers ,FBI played the similar kind of game here ,they ran the child pornography websites to inject the malware in visitors computers but in this case somehow the situation was not same because distributing any kind of child pornography is a federal crime and FBI was distributing the content(child pornography).

While the FBI was running the website more than 100,000 people visited the websites and accessed more than 200 videos and 48,000 images,Out of them thousands of images were downloaded.During this time FBI deliberately increased the popularity of the website by making it faster.After the government takeover ,the traffic of the website increased more than 39000 people in a week.

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