Kickass Torrents Is Glad To Be Back by original staffers

Many of you have witnessed how Kickass Torrents struggled in the limelight, and how many websites claimed that they are the original staffers of kickass. But, Kickass Torrents sets sail again and proves that pirates are difficult to sink.

Thanks to Original Staffers! Kickass Torrents Is Glad To Be Back from dead
Thanks to Original Staffers! Kickass Torrents Is Glad To Be Back from dead

Abbreviated KAT, Kickass Torrents was founded in 2008 at the domain name, offering an excellent directory for magnet links and torrent files to support peer to peer sharing of files with the use of BitTorrent protocol. However, it went offline on the 20th of July, 2016. This was when the domain kat.ct, seized the US government. Also, the proxy servers of this site were shut down by the staffs. If you will remember, KAT or Kickass Torrents became the most visited and preferred BitTorrent directory across the world, surpassing The Pirate Bay.

Later, Artem Vaulin – a thirty years old Ukrainian man and the alleged owner of Kickass Torrents – was arrested in Poland after being indicted with a 4-count US criminal summons. The remaining domains were said to be taken offline voluntarily after seizing the domain name. After the confiscation of the original Kickass Torrents domain, several unofficial copies have been placed online. These have no association to the original staffers who have been advising users to practice caution. Few months and years later, these copies opted to take down.

Now, Kickass Torrents is completely back, and it seems like it is here to stay!

Those who love movies but don’t like the idea of visiting the video store often, are now rejoicing because of the sudden rebirth of the King of Downloads, Kickass Tor. As stated by a report, some of the original staffs of KAT squad place their heads together in order to recover the outdated website under an altered domain name. Similar to its ancestor in appearance, the website comes with an appropriate DMCA and clean user database. This can be compared to sites such as YouTube, stating that they don’t store any copyrighted tools on their servers.

The original members clearly state that they don’t want to repeat previous mistakes. But in spite of these, you can still watch some of your favourite movies. Simply ask the help of a customer representative and you are on the go. Even though multiple clones of the website had popped out when the original staffers are still taking enough time to re-launch the site, none came close to the quality and precision that Kickass Torrents guaranteed.

The new site consists of a link to the music video of Never Gonna Give You Up, which is a popular hit of Rick Astley. This is a hint that this time, Kickass Torrents, along with its solid and strong members, are here to stay and will never leave any scars online. However, these returning members were not necessarily the designers of the expansive, original website. They clearly succeeded to pull together sufficient amount of data to reproduce its predecessor with all perfections. According to one member of the KATcr crew, torrent community can expect for more upload coming from every name they trust and know.

Now, the main objective of Kickass Torrents is to offer users with a manageable interface, making the search of torrents simpler and more organised. The staffers will do every effort to build a new high standard for torrent websites and lead the entire community into an innovative era. They are now far from being the tracker you know several years ago, and they will not be hosting any torrent files anymore. The whole team of Kickass Torrents practices caution against piracy.

Torrent details page from kickass torrents download site
Torrent details page from kickass torrents download site

Just like ordinary persons, the actors, directors, writers and other staffs of a movie had worked very hard to earn money and give entertainment to the viewers. Kickass Torrents and its whole team understand this concept, which is why they will now try not to practice any copyright infringement. They personally support their favorite companies, artists, and developers through purchasing their products and making a call to all concerned users to do the similar thing. This practice improves the relationship between Kickass Torrents and other producers, artists and companies, which are very crucial in today’s challenging industry.

Of course, putting everything back in an order required the original staffers a bit of time and other important resources. This is to make sure that everything is right and secure, which they’re confident in the situation now. Before, their site needs a private attention and limited visitors because of the fear of getting the attention of powerful officials. After rebirthing, Kickass Torrents is proud to offer products that legally processed. Torrents community can now take a look at the site and look for the hottest deals available. Whether you are looking for a worldwide news, videos, pictures or games, Kickass Torrents has unlimited lists you can choose from.

People can learn from the past ill-fated event of KAT, and that is the dedication, loyalty and real love of original staffers for Kickass Torrents. In spite of what happened, they remained solid and continuously united to bring back the life of KAT. This is one of the advantages of this site. Instead of running away and looking for other career paths being offered, they chose to be part of the site’s reincarnation and deliver excellent services to the torrent community. The majority of its original admins, staffs and moderation team joined forces after the breakdown of,

Legal issues apart, the rebirth of Kickass Torrents is expected to get the interest of many people and hit various competitors that have popped up during its absence for quite a long time. As for the users, they’re just happy to have the opportunity again to download some of their favourite TV shows and movies without any charge. This is ideal for people looking for an excellent way to watch movies without breaking their wallet or bank account. Enjoy watching limitlessly along with your whole family or set of friends!

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