I am sure that most of us have heard about the website kisscartoon and if someone has not we are here to make you aware.

So, what is kisscartoon? is a Website which allows viewers to watch cartoons for free. However, many people doubt it that is a fake website and is operated by the hackers. Well, the good news is that it is proved that website is official. This is by far is the best website to view cartoons for free. For instance, if a show that is aired on television at 8:00 Saturday afternoon is made available on the website at around 12:00 on the same day afternoon. This website is best for people who do not own television for whatsoever reason. The website has many shows that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Many individuals cannot bear the cost of online streaming but still, want to watch things online. So, this website offers free viewing and solves this problem.

So, how kisscartoon makes money?

This is one question that is intriguing many people across the world. The website makes money out of ads that are displayed on their website. So, basically, kisscartoon is making money the way like other websites is making.

Official kisscartoon website & what happened to it?

There have been a lot of issues with the website as it was found that the there were few fake websites which were developed by the hackers one of which is kisscarton .io. The official website is kisscarton .se, which was for some reasons were not accessible to many users. However, an official statement has been issued by the developers that the problem is rectified and for the users who are still using the old domain kisscarton .me, they will be redirected to the new domain automatically.

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Alternatives of the kisscarton 

kisscarton is increasingly becoming popular not only with kids but with adults also. Still, if you do not want to view shows on this website then, there are several other alternatives which you can try. Here we have compiled a list of links which you can add to your bookmark-

  • and –Have a decent parcel of the more established and underrated kid’s shows that KissCartoon offered close by continuous top choices.
  • Is an additional nice decision for recent and mainstream toons.
  • -Is another one. I would recommend for anybody searching for more established kid’s shows (for the most part Hanna Barbera toons, most 90s Nicktoons and some past CN firsts among others) in a superior quality than what KissCartoon had for these shows.


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