Unlock iPhone-Apple to crack iPhone of Russian ambassador’s killer

Turkish media reports have claimed that Russia has asked Apple to unlock iPhone of the police officer who killed Russian ambassador.


Apple device iPhone 4S was recovered from the 22-year-old murderer named Mevlut Mert Altıntas who is also a police officer.As expected recovered iPhone 4S is locked with the 4-digit passcode, but the good news for the investigators is that the recovered iPhone 4S has the version installed is easy to bypass and it will help them to unlock iphone .Its claims that Turkey has also asked Apple to unlock assassin’s iPhone and in response Apple has not said anything, as expected Apple is not going to help due to the commitment of users privacy.

4 digit passcode will create difficulty to unlock iphone
4 digit passcode will create difficulty to unlock iphone

The similar kind of situation occurred when the FBI asked Apple to unlock the iPhone 5c San Bernandino killer earlier in this year.But there is some difference in both incidents, earlier Apple was asked to writing software for the backdoor attack into iOS, which could damage the security of other iOS devices.After Apple denied The FBI found out other sources and was able to crack the Apple device with the help of a third party firm which cost FBI $1.3 million.

Due to the Apple’s preventative measures for brute-force ,experts are not going to try it as iPhone doesn’t accept multiple attempts to unlock the iPhone

Why the police officer killed the Russian ambassador?

After killing the Russian ambassador the killer police officer was shouting “Don’t forget Aleppo,”.Authorities from both countries are saying that this killing was planned to destabilize relationship between two countries.

Why did Authorities ask to unlock iPhone of the killer police officer?

Authorities have not made anything clear why they want to unlock iPhone of the ambassador’s killer, But its believed that the reason behind unlocking the iPhone would be to check whether there was some kind of conspiracy behind or involvement of other people behind the ambassador’s killing.Authorities will check contacts and their information if they successfully unlock the iPhone .




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