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Top 10 Sites Like Megashare

The entertainment industry has seen its change as the internet is entering the industry with mass impact. Faster and cheaper internet access made movies and music available easily. With easy access to the huge variety of media’s came the demand for a market to supply the needs. Megashare was the first entry to the market of its kind. In one hand sites like Megashare is an advantage for many as they get all the media like movies and songs for free. It is a fact that sites like Megashare increases the availability of these illegal media that destroys the financial gains of the producers. Since the need of this black market arose, sites like Megashare made use of this furnishing demand through the piracy was kept in the hot pan.
Megashare is really a gift from heaven to those movie lovers like me, who can’t find what they wanna watch on YouTube.

MEGASHARE was the first of its kind to make media available with a single click on the shared media links. With the rise and growth of Megashare attracted many of the online money hunters. This increased the rise of many other sites like Megashare.
After Megashare closed down the need for sites like mega share increased.
List of websites blocked in the United Kingdom
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So here in this article, we will discuss the list of sites like Megashare
Some of the top sites like Megashare are listed below.

Some of the top sites like Megashare are listed below.

Pop Corn Time

Pop Corn time is right now the go-to place to watch movies, series, and whatnots. Pop Corn time uses a separate standalone software so blocking them on the internet is not possible. In short, you need not worry about this getting blocked ever (at least for now). You can also filter based on IMDB rating, and different genres making it unique. This, it was legitimate would have been a tight competitor for Netflix. There are 100x more movies and serials as compared to Netflix.

Tube Pl00us

One of the best sites like Megashare is TubePlus. Not only is it similar to Megashare it’s quite famous too. Tube Plus provides all the functions in Megashare and is very convenient to use. Search and choose among the tons of movie collections and Tv serials. Tube plus is one among the sites like Megashare that has a lot of content to explore through.

Movies Data Center

Just like the name sounds, this site is also one among the top sites like Megashare. This has a huge collection of movies and Tv series. But unlike Megashare, here we can view the movie online. What more does a movie lover want? Has a lot of similarity to Megashare and has an excellent user database. Quite famous and popular among the pirates.

Watch This Free

Just like all the other sites like Megashare mentioned here, this one is also a class of its kind. With a huge collection of videos and movies in the database. Watch this free is a huge competition to Megashare. Not completely similar to Megashare in UI and other aspects but does the thing. It offers one of the best selections of free online movies on the web. Not quite popular as other websites like Megashare but worth a visit.

Movie Watchlist

Another popular movie watching site is ‘Movie Watchlist’. A very good alternative to Megashare and you consider this among the sites like Megashare. This website will give your daily dose of latest Bollywood movies. You can enjoy thousands of Bollywood movies online. You are given the option to watch the video, download the video or keep it to watch later.


Check out this site if you are looking for an online portal to watch online movies online. This gives a frequent update of movies on a daily basis. You can either stream and watch it online or download it to your computer for free. Many Bollywood movie fans know about this site and visit it frequently.


With a huge database of thousands and tons of TV serials and programs online, Putlocker is best among the sites like Mehashare. With a huge database around 10000 movies and TV Series, Putlocker is one hell of a site to consider if you are in search of sites like Megashare.

Recently many of these sites are blocked in many of the countries but you can still access the contents of the site by using a VPN.

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