SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Wants To Launch 4,425 Satellites To Provide Internet Globally

The SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, plans to launch  4425 satellites in orbit of the Earth to provide internet service globally.

elon musk plans to launch internet globally

In order to complete this mission SpaceX has requested permission from USA government for the operation of  4,425 satellites to provide internet service.

In the file submitted they have mentioned that “The entire system is designed to provide a wide range of broadband and communications services for residential, commercial, institutional, government and professional users worldwide”

How much it would affect ?

If this happens then this space-based technology would be great alternative to cable,fiber-optics & other internet access medium available nowadays & also there will be huge increase in number of satellites in earth’s orbit which is estimated by over 300%,if the satellites deployed successfully then this space-based internet network will be able to offer speed up to 1 Gbps for the end users.

Is SpaxeX first to provide such a system ?

Absolutely not ,SpaceX is not going to be the  first  who will provide internet access from space. OneWeb and by Boeing are also same kind of internet-via-satellite networks & both are under development.

About the Satellite ?

The size of the satellite is the size of an average car and weighing approx 386kg.Not any specific date has been set for the launch of the satellites and its considered that satellites would orbit in a range between 714 miles to 823 miles from the Earth.

How much it would cost ?

According to Ceo Musk  the plan would cost at least $10bn.


For more details you can check company’s 102-page technical document.





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