Replaced by a Fake Site Now

torrentz which was one of the most loved torrent sites after thepiratebay has been shut down for a while now. To the surprise of many unaware visitors the site opened up properly recently. This only turned out to be the hacked version of torrentz that was earlier safe to visit from your computer.


Many user for past few weeks have claimed that the page affected theit system with the malware JS-Nemucod. This is a generic JavaScript malware that attempts to connect to a ip and download infected files in to the system of the visitor.


This has happened in the past but expert blogs are not certain if these were created by the original owners. In August 2016, a few days after Torrentz was shut down, an unofficial clone version of site – – was launched that indexed 60 million torrents the day it was launched. Later that August, another clone – – was launched that initially indexed 30 million torrents.

Torrentz was a Finland-based search engine for BitTorrent and Utorrent that was run by an anyonymus person who went by the name Flippy. The site maintained indexes of torrents from various major torrent hosts, offering compilations of various trackers for the same torrent which were not there by default .When a tracker was down, the other trackers could continue the work.




If you are looking for good alternatives of the below list may be of interest –


The Pirate Bay thepiratebay” class=”jq_Opinion report-opinion meta hidden-xs” data-alternativeid=”29058f60-a743-e011-8d53-0200d897d049″>Good alternative? YES 

Known as “the world’s most resilient BitTorrent site”, is one of the best alternatives to currently. The best combination would be to load public trackers along with these downloads. The piratebay is still one of the largest sites fighting the way between a free internet and various governments from around the world. This site has been threatened to be shut down multiple times but has miraculously survive.



This is another good alternative that was again shutdown recently. In 2017, Extratorrent was shut down by its owners with the message that read “ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline.. We permanently erase all data. Stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones. Thx to all ET supporters and torrent community.”

Currently the torrent site is back and is another great alternative to

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