yahoo disables automatic email forwading, good luck to switching if you use yahoo mail !

yahoo has disabled automatic email forwarding, that lets it’s users forward incoming mail to another account,that’s a terrible news for its users who wants to switch, since they can no longer forward their incoming emails.yahoo_logo

After denying several times, few months ago yahoo has finally admitted 2014 data breach , that exposed account details of over 500 million accounts

The timing yahoo disabled auto-forwarding service is pretty suspicious since auto-forwarding feature has been around decades,every email provider out there provides this functionality

Here’s what yahoo has to say

Automatic forwarding sends a copy of incoming messages from one account to another.

This feature is currently under development. While we work to improve it, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses. If you’ve already enabled Mail Forwarding in the past, your email will continue to forward to the address you previously configured.”


If you want to delete your account,here what yahoo has to say..

“Sorry, the delete feature is currently unavailable. This feature will become available by the end of September,” the error message reads.”

Yes, you read it right, they have disabled delete functionality too, good luck to you if you are one of those yahoo users.

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