Top 5 Best Portable Power Banks In 2016 Reviews

Top 5 Best Portable Power Banks In 2016 Reviews

We all know that Gadgets like Tablets and smartphones are one of the most important aspects of our life and therefore longer battery life of the gadget means longer connectivity, everyone wants to stay connected to the world 24 hours and during this time if the battery dies then it’s definitely not a good experience for anybody wants to  these kinds of situation one needs portable power bank which means you don’t need to find a wall plug anymore.your portable power bank will always be in service whether you are on your beautiful journey or doing camping with your beloved friends.

 Internet access on ease has made music and movies very easily available for everyone and you can’t enjoy any of them without having a longer running battery.

Now those days are gone when people used to carry an extra battery for their cell phone so that in need they can replace the battery in order to stay connected to the world.Power bank which easily comes in our pocket can charge our mobile with minutes and guess what you can still watch your favorite movies getting cozy on your couch.

Now the question arises which power bank is perfect for me? well for this answer you must see this Top 5 Best Portable Power Banks i

Here comes the list

5. EasyAcc Solar Flashlight Outdoor Portable Power Bank

The coolest thing you will find about this power bank is that has got the solar panel and is able to flash the flashlights, it comes with the battery capacity of 8,000 mAh, 2 USB ports means you can charge 2 devices at the same time, isn’t it cool?

The best thing about this power bank is that both the ports supply with smart chips which is able to deliver your devices the fastest charge (up to 2.1A),  it doesn’t matter what’s your operating system whether its IOS device (iPhone,iPad), android device(Samsung, Lenovo, pixel) or any other USB device

The flashlight in this power bank comes with  32 LED bulbs, which is sufficient for both kinds of lighting backup outdoor as well as indoor.The three modes of the flashlight are light modes, full brightness, low brightness.

Now the coolest feature this power bank has is The solar panel when sometimes there is not any wall plug to charge your power bank at that you simply have to put your device in the sunlight for around 2 hours and your power bank gets charged.

Now let’s take a look at Pros and Cons.


  • Solar panel charging
  • Quick charging in hurry
  • Cool led light
  • Big 8,000 mAh Power


  • Not fit in the pocket
  • Using LED lights consumes battery much quickly

4  Poweradd Pilot X1 Power Bank

Poweradd Pilot X1 is cheap in price and also one of the best power bank available in the market.

Inside the box, you get micro-USB to USB 2.0 cable along with an adapter for attaching the cable to charge.If you are night owl then this is the power bank you were looking for, the 5,200 mAh battery can run your device for whole day and the coolest thing is you can easily carry this power bank in your pocket.

It consists USB port, USB 2.0, and 4 led flashlights at the top of the power bank, this power bank also has a torch lightOnce you got this device it will take your mobile’s battery whole day. Overcharging, over temperature and over voltage is protected by the smart protection function in the device.

this device comes with the 24 months warranty.


  • Fits in pocket
  • Price is cheap
  • the life cycle is greater than 500 Times
  • A handy torch light in need


  •  5,200 mAh of battery is not enough

3 EC Technology Portable Power Bank

Well here comes the monster, this monster has 22,400 mAh of battery, therefore, we can’t simply ignore this in our list of Top 5 Power banks.Guess what this monster power bank has the capacity to charge your iPhone 5s 10 times.

The design of the power bank looks attractive with the combination of red and black.This power bank consists 3 USB ports all 3 ports can be used for different devices e.g- Samsung Tab-2A,iPhone 1A,iPad 2.4A.

You get 4 color choices for this device white, red, blue, orange. 4 LED will notify you about the power bank’s battery status.

Now let’s take a look at Pros and Cons.


  • Great 22,400 mAh battery capacity
  • Design in simple and attractive in look
  • 3 devices can be charged together
  • Best when you are traveling
  • have the capacity to keep charging your mobile for the entire week


  • Size is Big
  • Not for normal user

2 Jackery Bar Power Bank Charger

If you are on vacations and this power bank if perfect for you, days .it can charge your mobile for 2days.The size of the device is really small which makes is easily portable and very comfortable in your hands. It consists a micro USB port and USB 2.0 port (2.1A).

The 6000 mAh battery has 4 layers of the protection circuit which secure the power bank from overheating, have short circuits, over voltage.Power bank has a torch light in need, getting the battery status is easy you just have to press the power button and the led lights will indicate the battery status, each led incdicates the 30% battery.

The body of the device is aluminum which is quite comfortable in hands, The best thing about this device is that you can easily carry this device in your pocket due to the small size of the power bank.

Lets take a look at the Pros and Cons of this Power bank.


  • on the amazon this power bank has been recommended by the 91.5% people
  • Ulta fast charging
  • Flash light in need
  • very portable due to small in size


  • you can use led flashlight just for reading not for others
  • The USB port & micro-USB are very close to each other.

1 Anker PowerCore + Mini Power Bank

Most sold and top rated power bank, battery capacity of this device is 3350 mAh.

It’s also called lipstick size power bank, well it’s definitely small, but not to the size of the lipstick.

The reason behind Anker PowerCore+ mini keeping in the first position is that it’s very demandable and it comes in different colors too.

Now the question arises why should you purchase this 3350 mAh battery powered device instead of  10,000 mAh or 20,000 mAh of capacity, definitely the reason is the size of this device compare it with others and you will see the difference

it has micro USB to USB 2.0 cable and torch light in need. This device normally takes 3 to 4 to get fully charged and have the capacity to charge your device at least once in a whole day.


  • Very portable due the Very Small in size
  • Price is Cheap
  • Flashlight in need


  • Battery capacity is less
  • Not very good for while  traveling

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