Avast SafePrice – Is It Safe And How To Disable Avast SafePrice?

Avast SafePrice Review

What is Avast SafePrice?

Safeprice is an extension of the avast utility pack that helps you find the best price of any product out there online. This plugin works with most of the trusted eCommerce platforms and crawls them for the best offers available. A small sticky header bar on top displays the best prices you can get for the same product on various other trusted websites that have signed up with avast. A clickable link on the avast safeprice bar will take you to the landing page cheapest option’s website. This lets you save a lot of time instead of searching through all the links on google’s first few pages.

Avast safeprice
Avast safeprice

Basically when you go to your preferred online store and search for a product, avast safeprice will crawl the other online eCommerce sites(Includes Ebay.com) and return with a popup saying that it has found a lower price else where. The orange tab on top will link you to the best deal and the rest will show you the next cheap option.

Avast safeprice only works only with the participating trusted stores that are signed up with avast. There is no guaranty that this would be the cheapest option online. If you are someone who is okay with trying out those smaller ‘unheard of’ stores online then you are likely to find better discounts with them. If you don’t want to put your money at risk and wait for weeks for your product to get delivered, avast safeprice is your best bet.  Avast safe price will show you the current ‘live’ prices from all the other websites.

How safe is your data and shopping behavior

Safeprice sends the data of the search query(the product you are searching for) and the online site that you visit. All the personal data of the user is stripped from this query in real time as the data goes to the avast servers. This makes the data that contains your personal information completely anonymous. This means avast doesn’t get to store your avast username and email data along with your shopping pattern. The server then checks the best price online and returns with third party coupons and prices. Avast safe price partners with Cicvo to provide this data. Ciuvo does not receive your personal identifiable information.


Most users do find the safeprice feature a bit obtrusive and do wish to disable it. Other have found in useful while shopping for certain categories of products for which exclusive third party stores offer better prices.Some online stores have special offers running on the product you are looking for and it may be impossible for you to find these stores on the first page of google. In such situations avast safeprice does help a lot. The browser plugin does not present any security risk as of now.

avast safeprice
avast safeprice

How To Disable Avast SafePrice

The avast safeprice plugin can be very annoying at times and can hinder your shopping experience. It does also keep showing a pup-up ad like message on certain site saying ‘Lower price found’ which get get very annoying. To disable avast safeprice follow the below steps –

avast safeprice

To remove avast safeprice completely

  1. Open Avast
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on components
  4. Click on safeprice browser extension
  5.  Select Uninstall component
  6. Done

To disable only on a particular site

If you want to disable the safeprice plugin only on the website you are currently viewing then you can disable it for 24 hours. To do this click on the settings icon on the avast bar and select one of the options below-

disable avast safeprice

Once you select one of the options avast safeprice will be disabled.

disable avast
disable avast

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