Top 5 Best Apple Watch Stands and Charging Docks In 2016 Reviews

There is absolutely no doubt that Apple Watches are one of the best products in this niche, enablesTiming of the watches are very accurate there is no doubt that it is one of the best products in this niche. Timing is accurate. It’s full of great applications enable users to do some great tasks like checking the weather, setting alarms and reminders for your important works, it even allows to take stunning videos and high quality photographs.Body of the Apple watch is not only durable and solid but also possess great design with great finishing which can help you to make yourself a style statement in your school, college or in office.If you are the owner of the Apple Watch and intend to use your Apple watch for next couple of years then it needs some care.To keep your watch in great condition i will suggest you to but one of the most important accessories for the watch is charging dock or quality stand .In this review we are going to take a look on the 10 stand and docks among the best stand and docks of the year 2016, these docks are very secure, very durable and have tabletop design.

5. Maxboost Stand, Apple watch stand and charging docks

This Apple Watch stand cums charging dock is has aluminum platform.If you are not wearing your watch and want to give it some rest then it also have watch holder, it also have cradle which have been built for securing your watch during charging .MaxBoost is very durable in use, you will not get any complaint after using it for few days, this watch stand is unique and stylish and well finished, able to handle both variant 38mm watch,42mm watch (2015 edition).Elegent Silver theme of the stand gives it a edge to get blend in both enviroment whether its household or office.Maxboost comes with TPU  coating to protect your watch from physical damage and scratches it could get in general.Maxboost’s very light and easy to carry design makes it such a device which can be carried anywhere.

4. Aerb Bamboo Wood Charge Dock

This charge dock is very much acclaimed in the category of top 10 best apple watch charging docks and stands in the year 2016. Aerb dock is made of bamboo wood, it is very well designed and has very stable docking for your tablet,iPad,iPhone and Android devices.Aerb is very cheap in price compared to other models available in the market but still its durable, high in quality and very stable in design.Great finished and very accurate design doesn’t let the cheap price compromise the value of your Apple watch and other accessories.Withc this stand and charging dock you get accurate cutouts of all, magnetic stand which is detachable,stands to optimized the safety of devices which can be used in both places either in office or in homes.

3. Simpeak

If you want to have memorable experince for fast charging in your home of office this dock charger or stand is made for you by the compay Simpeak.This dock has got 4 USB port which is fast and smart ,can be used for tablets,Apple watches and with other android devices as well.This device is very stable,design is custom-made and has accurate cutouts,The 6-amperes current output is capable to chrarge various devices at the same time without any lag in the performance. Simpeak Apple Watch dock is very affordable in price,it also has advanced nighstand clock mode,flat design of the stand orients the Apple watch ergonomically which makes them look beautiful.Simpeak charger dock comes with 5 year replacement warranty which makes it must purchase device.

2. Spigen SGP11555

If you those kind of consumer who doesn’t want to sacrifice safety and stability for comfort and enjoyment then this Spigen SGP11555  is for you only,SGP11555 is  made of a high-density aluminum which makes it very valuable device for the Apple Watches. Spigen SGP11555  is very sturdy and well-finished in terms of design,its charging system is very convenient as it has very precise cable openings means no more wire clutter in your offices & homes Its handle is stable and orients the Apple watch well. Base of this charging deck has non-slip coating which prevents it slipping easily and provides stabiliy,TPU coating lowers the chances of getting dents and scratches.Overall this charging deck is very safe and very handy ,its highly suggested to buy this product.

1. Orzly Nightstand

in terms of durability and the price this charging deck is on the top of our list of best 5 charging has a sturdy black themed stand which supports vaiours types of Apple watches.Its design is very styulish,it cable management system has minimized the clutter of wires and has a TPU coated body which makes it’s base non-slippery preventing it from toppling and not doing compromise with the saftey of your precious Apple watch. Orzly Nightsand has simple setup that anyone can do the setup.Its lighweight design makes this charging dock easy to carry and therefore this device can be carried very easily while you are travelling.

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