Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Cases and Covers

Apple the tech giant has just launched the new iPhone 7. Every buyer loves his iPhone, therefore it’s for sure that nobody would like to use his/her iPhone naked.The best way to keeping your iPhone always new is giving it a beautiful cover, and finding best and beautiful cover is not easy picky,of course you don’t have to worry because we have done all the works all you need to do is just pick your cover from our list of  top 5 best iPhone 7 covers and cases. You’ll look for a cover to buy for your new iPhone for sure. Here we have shared the list of top 10 best iPhone 7 covers and cases.

5. SaharaCase Protective Kit Bundle,iPhone 7 Case (Black)

This product is great when we consider the durability and performance, this cover protects your iPhone from sudden drops, scratches, and dust.i would strongly suggest you buy this cover considering your phone’s protection instead of Buying covers just for fashion.

This cover gives you  ZeroDamage tempered glass means if by chance your iPhone gets dropped your phone’s screen will be completely safe.This cover also comes with Built-in camera hood for protecting your iPhone’s lens from getting scratches.This cover is Ergonomically designed and made of quality plastic and rubberized materials. I am certain that you are gonna love this cover because of its durability and performance. The designer of this cover is Veteran Phone repair engineers and when you purchase it comes with tempered glass screen, alignment tool, for cleaning alcohol prep pad, dust removing the tool, custimizemicrofiber clothes.

4. Trainium iPhone 7 Case

Hey have you wonder what it would be if you can customize your cover accroding to your will, well here we have cover , which have been bought by a lot of people and have got lot of positive reviews on the amazon and you are definetely going to love it .

This cover has two layers of protections which means it allows your iPhone to stay safe from the shocks when the phone gets dropped,it also has glass protection means on dropping your iPhone its gonna protect it from scratches.

This cover has been made of TPU bumper and with hardback Polycarbonate panel which provides your iPhone with a long protection from scrapes, sudden drops. if your hands are bit slippy means you drops your iPhone a lot then you need this great cover . This cover has also been enabled with proper camera layer for protecting iPhone’s camera from scratches.The transparent design enhances the beauty of your iPhone 7, its ultra slim as well means you can still have the feeling of touching your iPhone’s great body from your hands.Overall the product looks great and the company has tried to provide all the features that should be in the great iPhone 7 cover.

3. Maxboost HyperPro ,iPhone 7 case

This cover is specially designed for iPhone 7 and it includes HyperPro features with GXD shock-proof technology means your phone will be completely safe in case of fall down.

This cover will be perfect combination if you are using jet black color iPhone 7, wooden edges of this cover will increase the beauty of the i iPhone 7. Special GXD technology will save you from eletric shocks, in case of getting shocks GXD technology will distribute the energy in cover’s entire area means no shock dangerous to the user. The cover is very light in weight and can be carried very easily.

If you are one of those kind of people who is looking for both fashion and protection based cover .then you must consider Overall, the cover is perfect in terms of design, performance, and durability and I am sure that you would love the way the company has designed it. If you are from those people who are looking for something fashionable and protective too, then I would suggest you to consider buying this great cover.

2.  Wavelength, iPhone 7 Case

We have another great product in terms of design.On holding the iPhone 7 the golden lines on pink color looks perfect. The company has tremendous job by fulfilling their coustomers requirements by providing both features protecting iPhone 7 from dust and saving users from getting shocks.

Shocks distrubution technology works really great, when the mobile gets shock, cover distributes it on the entire surface of the cover thus making user feel very less and nonharmless don’t have to worry if your hands are slippery because 3-dimensional pattern provides great grip to hold the iPhone 7.

If suddenly your iPhone has fell down on the surface, even then you don’t have to worry because this cover is made of TPU sleeve and polycarbonate ,the best thing about this phone is its budget means even if are in shortage of money, this cover is still affordable by doing this compnay has done great service towards their customers.The design of the cover is quite unique and soft, its a combination of current fashion with protective design. You will must admit that compnay has done an amazing job by providing a great design for those kind of people who loves current era’s fashion.

1. Skyfall iPhone 7 Case

if are one of those kind of people who don’t stay on one and loves changes then this cover is for you because this cover has colorful side bumpers increasing the beauty of iPhone 7‘s cover.This cover is best of best.

Design and texture of the cover is quite slim and comfortable means easy to hold for the users.Perfect cutouts allow users to all different features of the iPhone 7 quite easily.

Acrylic and polycarbonate  material increases the performance & durability of the cover up to 90% compare to other oridnary covers, means great value for money. Strenght of the cover keeps your iPhone safe even if by chance your iPhone drops.Raised camera cover provides extra protection to the camera from scratches & scrapes.Sometimes we place our phone in such a place like glass table or wooden table which causes scratches on the phone, in that condition this covers prove itself very handy. I strongly suggest you to buy this cover for the safety of your iPhone 7.

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