Top 5 Best USB Car Chargers In 2016 Reviews

If you love travelling by your car and looking for some best USB car charger then you are in right place.While travelling in your car you can charge any of your devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops.  USB car chargers are very easy to use because they just work as the wall plug in your home, the difference it takes power from the car.

 There are lots of car chargers available in the market and it’s quite difficult to tell which is best for you, don’t worry just take a look at this article to find out which USB car charger is best for you.Before buying any USB car charger just make sure it’s made of very high quality and strong material just to ensure your safety.

5. Scosche USB Car Charger

 if you are “peripatetic” means if you love to travel a lot then you must grab this amazing charger, you will have great charging experience with this USB charger.
There are so many cool features in this charger, you must keep this USB charger anywhere you go, its very light in weight and can be easily kept in bag or pocket.
This USB charger is capable of charging any of your device such as your mobile phone, camera,iPad,mp3 players very quickly. The 12 watt dual USB ports can charge your two devices at the same time with the same efficiency. Storing this car charger is quite easy due to its very low profile design.

Even if you are travelling for short period or for few hours you must carry this USB car charger because this charger is capable of charging your device within just a few hours.

4. New Trent Arcadia Car Charger

This cool charger has got dual USB ports, means you can charge your tablet and smartphone at the same time. This USB charger is compatible with so many devices like HTC, SAMSUNG, BLACKBERRY, LG. Due to its compact design, you can carry this charger anywhere you go.This charger comes with circuit protection and overcharge protection which provides protection to your device and to you as well.

The company has done a great job by providing a cool charger with fast charging capability.It doesn’t matter which device you are using this charger is capable of charging any device even the iPad.

Using this USB charge is really easy, just attach the charger to the carport and you can start charging your device.


3. Anker PowerDrive 2 USB Car Charger

This USB charger has BRAND name ANKER, which provides a lot of cool electronic stuff all over the world. You must go for the ANKER products because it has got good reviews, means people have got pretty good experience with ANKER’s devices.This USB car charger has got many good reviews. Using this car charger is really convenient, you can charge two devices at the same time with fast charging technology.VoltageBoost performance ad PowerIQ is the two great features this device possess.this both features provides help to charge your device anywhere anytime very easily.

This    USB car charger has got some powerful protection system, therefore you can rest assured about the safety of you and all your devices.

A lot of people around the word are using this USB car charger and they have found this device great.  Anker has done the really great job by providing fast charging technology in this charger, enabling this device to charge your device at the very high rate no matter where you are and where you are heading.

2. AmazonBasics Car Charger

Well, this USB car charger has got some really cool features and Brand name AmazonBasics, means you can trust its quality blindly.You got two 2.0amp ports with this USB charger which allows to charger two of your devices to the charger at the same with the same efficiency at very fast charging rate.

This USB charger has 20-watt power means you can charge any of devices like your phones, tablets with this charger. LED indicator light indicates the charging status of your device so you can disconnect your device from the charger when the light indicates.

1-year limited warranty insures the best quality from this product, all parts of this device is made of really good quality material.If you are looking for the charger for the daily-life use and if you are the regular traveller or even not then this charger is made for you.You can get best from this charger as this charger is compatible with all types of devices.

Amazon is very well-known for its good quality and customer centric service, Amazon provides a lot of products and you must have been using any of its product for sure, you must have purchased something from Amazon and very well aware that Amazon’s service is really great. Many people are using this product around the world and they are satisfied with this USB car charger, therefore, i can make you assure that you are gonna love this device as well.

1. PowerGen Car Charger

Nothing is more irritating than waiting for your phone to be charged, having a charger which can charge your device at very high rate seems awesome. Fast chargers prove very handy when you are travelling & this charger ensures that you will save a lot of your time by charging with this cool charger.

This USB car charger comes with many benefits, you can charge any of your devices in your car.This USB charger has got universal ports means this charger is compatible with all your devices available these days in the market. The design of this charger is very unique, of course, a lot of USB chargers are available in the market which has got the unique design so what’s special on this device, well this device is a perfect combination of unique design and great performance.This beauty is always in your service and able to charge your devices simultaneously.The most annoying about the dual port USB chargers is they don’t have to suffice gap between them, well this device has solved this problem.PowerGen has the sufficent gap between two ports that you can easily connect your both device very easily at the same time can charge them at very high rate. Reliable circuit design has been created specially to provide your device protection from over heating and over charging and also protects your from the current. Its smart detection feature stops the charging when your device’s battery is full and stops the device from getting overcharged.


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