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Affordable Logo Designers – 3 Tips to Choosing the Best Ones

There are probably thousands of design firms and freelance designers on the internet. All of them claiming to be able to deliver the very best custom designs to suit anything from office stationary to full blown website pages. But even the best designers cannot satisfy everyone all of the time.


Most new web store owners kick off their stores using free ecommerce templates, which is not such a bad thing since free template designs have improved a great deal over the years. But once the store begins making a bit of dough, merchants would probably start thinking about giving their store a bit of a makeover.

In fact, giving a storefront seasonal makeovers is a good thing, if merchants can afford it. It keeps the store looking fresh.

To help merchants in their quest to find good designers, and at the same time, not get ripped off, here are three easy tips to follow.

I know the Nike logo design was created buy a student  Printing Services in Vietnam   all those years ago but I would suggest playing it safe and lookout for designers with experience if you want to get a custom design done. More often than not, experienced designers tune in faster to what their clients want and are able to add value to their designs by designing what works and not just what looks nice.

In addition, experienced designers are fast and efficient. A seasoned designer can get 2 logo design concepts out in just 2 to 3 business days.

Professional design firms charge anywhere from $3000 to over a million dollars for just a logo design alone. If you are running your online store from home, its highly unlikely that you would want to pay 7 figures for a logo creation. I would recommend forking out not more than $150 for a custom logo design and not more than $1000 for a multi-page corporate design package.

The reason why some firms charge astronomical figures for their designs is because its probably part of a huge branding exercise and a lot of expensive research is involved. So the design is not just a standalone effort.

That said, here is a little history tit bit. Between 1975 and 1979, NBC used a stylized ‘N’ logo which they paid $600,000 for. Unfortunately, Nebraska’s ETV Network were already using a very similar logo for which they paid $100 for. To cut a long story short, NBC got sued but settled out of court for a cool million plus additional costs.

Money Back Guarantee
One of the traits that is very important in a designer is confidence. Many can talk the talk but few can walk the walk. Hiring a design firm or designer that offers a 100% money back guarantee gives customers a bit of assurance that they will most likely get what they want.

However, please be careful when selecting designers who offer this guarantee. Some sneaky designers might attach certain conditions to the guarantee. This conditions might include chargeable administration or processing fees, so customers might end up with half the amount he paid or less when they get their money back.

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